Two years ago I won some money in a competition, and bough myself a nice camera. Since then I use this nice camera to take a lot of very ugly photos. Unfortunately, the laws of probablity conspire against me from time to time, and a photo actually ends up being less than ugly. I also happen to travel to a lot of places where the probablility of a ugly photo gone bad is amazingly high. Hrmph. Anyway, enough of that.

Rainer - September 2000


Acadia - June '99

Joshua Tree - Spring Break '99

Winter trip to the Adirondacks

Summer of 98 in Alaska.

Climbing classes held in Fall of 98 by MITOC

Dance troupe FEVER concert (or see the official site)

Mt. Pierce hike

Dog sled racing in new Hampshire

Dad's company home page

Under Construction

Ice climbing explorations


Hiking the Smokies

Now that you have endured these ugly photos, why not take a look at a nice photo collection, such as can be found on (which happens to be run by an MIT guy, too).

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