With a room that has a view of Boston, I could not avoid learning all the nuances that weather and time of day impose on the sky line. And of course I have attempted to take pictures of it. Below I have included a couple I think are especially nice.

 After I spent an all nighter on some PSet, a sunrise offered a much - needed reward. 5 am in September 1997. That speck is a plane. And yes, I do walk around with my camera at random times.

 Same place, but during a blackout in the dorm. With nothing else to do, I wandered around with my camera. Viola.

Seen form across the bay, Boston seems mostly harmless. I am beginning the like this city.

After three point five years here, I can say that I know Cambridge quite well. But Boston somehow remains pretty much unexplored. Sure, I ran or biked through it dozens of times, visited restaurants, shops, and nightclubs. But I still need to wander a bit more in the seemingly aimless but exploratory fashion. I could memorize all the maps, see all the streets, but without such wanderings I will never know this city.

Boston has a pretty good electronic presence. No wonder, with all the schools around and in it. Visit (not related to the Boston Globe) if you wish to find out more.

I leave cities to find solitude. The mountains and the sea call....

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