I have been debating the existence of this page, since it seems quite pointless. Especially since many of my friends don't even even bother with making web pages. But what the heck, maybe it will come in handy, if I get amnesia or something. Page, thou hast been spared, for now...

 Lukasz - The two of us still need to decide who is who's alter ego. But anyone who knows us both will never confuse us.


   Stephanie - Fellow climber and hiker. Now also the Prez of the Outing Club. Time does not apply to her, since she is able to squeeze 50 hours of activities into every day. I we sometimes climb together on the weekends, when she slows down.


   Chris - The only guy from Alaska on this page, and my former roommate. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires...only he can start them. Now plays only with nuclear fires.


  Steve - A mentor. He taught me how to enjoy life outside the city, away from anonymous masses of people. One of the most selfless people around.


 Rachel - The seeker of knowledge and wisdom, and ever the skeptic. A careful thinker who weighs every word she hears or utters. So much unlike me...


  Winston - A guy to ask the tough questions. And not only the engineering ones.


Krzys - A good friend I left behind in Poland many years ago. Amazingly enough we stayed in touch over the years. And despite the fact that our interests diverged immensely (He studies history and law), we still get along well every time I visit Poland or he visits the US.

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