So I tired of my old multi-multi colored activities page and I am working on thinking up something new. For the meantime, a quick cobbling of a few links will have to do. What is worthwhile besides education if you are spending >30k every year to get education, whether in real costs or just lost opportunities? Well, Luke, that's a pretty narrow view. So maybe I should be able to make a living doing with something somewhat unrelated to engineering, like maybe guiding trips, photographing, writing web pages, or simply living off the land...

For now, none of these choices appears likely as an alternate career choice, but spending a few hours hiding in the Technique or Ashdown dark room or a day or two hiking or climbing with the MIT Outing Club certainly helps to keep a reasonable outlook on life. Not to mention that these places are hangouts for some really cool people.

Sure, I'd like to trek in Nepal, climb mountains in Patagonia, surf South Shore, soar in the Rockies, kayak in southern Vietnam, or dive on the Great Barrier Reef. I'd love to photograph beautiful women , try my hand at Ansel Adam's like landscapes, or find a quiet home on a mountain lake or a secluded ocean shore in Alaska.

And all that can come in time with enough patience and persistence and will. For now I'll just go back to lab, where you can easily find me most of the time among the many cool machines.

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